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Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, George  Abt 1820Virginia, USA I158582
2 Adkins, Elijah  1787Virginia, USA I122226
3 Adkins, Jesse  1724Virginia, USA I128536
4 Adkins, Mary Polly  1720Virginia, USA I133158
5 Adkins, Rachel  27 Sep 1799Virginia, USA I176915
6 Adkins, Reuben  1739Virginia, USA I158324
7 Alexander, Abigail  1665Virginia, USA I101967
8 Allen, Katherine  1645Virginia, USA I141446
9 Amos, William  1760Virginia, USA I137464
10 Anderson, Annie Elizabeth  1680Virginia, USA I140889
11 Anderson, Emory  1847Virginia, USA I133145
12 Anderson, Francis Fannie  25 Apr 1784Virginia, USA I144697
13 Anderson, George  1710Virginia, USA I167445
14 Anderson, Mary  1755Virginia, USA I163621
15 Anderson, Minerva Jane  1846Virginia, USA I136117
16 Anderson, Sarah  1728Virginia, USA I117709
17 Anderson, Sarah J  8 Nov 1825Virginia, USA I152664
18 Anderson, William  31 Oct 1776Virginia, USA I111953
19 Armstrong, Jane "Jean"  Abt 1738Virginia, USA I150925
20 Aston, Susannah  1630Virginia, USA I93903
21 Aston, Thomas  1640Virginia, USA I93906
22 Atkins, Lewis  5 May 1785Virginia, USA I152608
23 Baldwin, Mary Peyton  1650Virginia, USA I120785
24 Bannister, Mary "Polly"  Abt. 1800Virginia, USA I78383
25 Bannister, Mary "Polly"  Abt. 1800Virginia, USA I173894
26 Barnes, Benjamin  1740Virginia, USA I142943
27 Bartee, Thomas  1762Virginia, USA I121665
28 Bartlett, James M  15 Jul 1771Virginia, USA I163364
29 Bartlett, Love  1815Virginia, USA I2864
30 Bartlett, Thomas IV "Captain"  1705Virginia, USA I98866
31 Baxter, Susannah  1688Virginia, USA I165275
32 Bell, Anna  Jul 1811Virginia, USA I129879
33 Benjamin, Priscilla  1650Virginia, USA I111925
34 Berkley, Felix Grundy  3 Dec 1804Virginia, USA I74247
35 Berryman, Rebecca  1736Virginia, USA I165373
36 Beverly, Elizabeth Peyton  1690Virginia, USA I86559
37 Bishop, Eleana  1831Virginia, USA I132448
38 Bishop, Eliza Jane  1838Virginia, USA I173306
39 Bishop, John  1836Virginia, USA I112166
40 Black, John  1777Virginia, USA I107929
41 Blackwell, Obedience  1727Virginia, USA I117485
42 Blair, Blair  1755Virginia, USA I125876
43 Blair, Hannah  9 Aug 1766Virginia, USA I176073
44 Blair, Mary  1750Virginia, USA I169632
45 Boswell, Barney  1770Virginia, USA I53462
46 Boswell, John  1770Virginia, USA I53452
47 Boswell, Nancy  1775Virginia, USA I53469
48 Bowen, Michael Jr  1794Virginia, USA I1992
49 Bowen, Sarah "Sally"  1784Virginia, USA I2007
50 Bowman, John Jr  1772Virginia, USA I105148
51 Brent, Ann Maria  1637Virginia, USA I149679
52 Brock, Elizabeth  1766Virginia, USA I153290
53 Bruce, David  1787Virginia, USA I4702
54 Bruce, James  1786Virginia, USA I4698
55 Bruce, Jane Dolly  1790Virginia, USA I4699
56 Bruce, Lemuel  1760Virginia, USA I4706
57 Bruce, Rachel  1773Virginia, USA I4700
58 Bruce, Woodson  1778Virginia, USA I4701
59 Brush, Elizabeth  1730Virginia, USA I170022
60 Bryant, Catherine  1687Virginia, USA I155054
61 Bryant, Reuben  1767Virginia, USA I108511
62 Buchanan, Alexander McCune  1834Virginia, USA I155242
63 Buchanan, Archibald Campbell  12 Nov 1833Virginia, USA I126881
64 Buchanan, James E  4 Mar 1841Virginia, USA I177499
65 Buchanan, Margaret Emily  8 Feb 1843Virginia, USA I123119
66 Buchanan, William Erastus  14 Sep 1847Virginia, USA I173570
67 Buchanan, William Franklin  1807Virginia, USA I148998
68 Bucy, Elizabeth  1791Virginia, USA I4772
69 Bucy, Nancy  4 Oct 1783Virginia, USA I4776
70 Bunyan, Margaret  Abt. 1785Virginia, USA I133132
71 Burton, Coleman  1810Virginia, USA I102426
72 Burton, James  1812Virginia, USA I147746
73 Burton, Malinda  1809Virginia, USA I86498
74 Burton, Nancy  15 Feb 1811Virginia, USA I112738
75 Burton, Samuel  20 Mar 1803Virginia, USA I140378
76 Busby, John Hamilton  28 Jun 1814Virginia, USA I31941
77 Busby, Nathaniel  1728Virginia, USA I141409
78 Butler, Catherine  1742Virginia, USA I98574
79 Butler, Laurania  1810Virginia, USA I114043
80 Camp, Mary  1740Virginia, USA I151581
81 Carney, Absalom  1736Virginia, USA I163888
82 Carney, Barnaby  1737Virginia, USA I178535
83 Carney, Elizabeth  1734Virginia, USA I107658
84 Carney, Richard  1660Virginia, USA I134089
85 Carney, Richard  1735Virginia, USA I146839
86 Carpenter  1794Virginia, USA I116740
87 Carter, Mary Jane  Oct 1872Virginia, USA I135571
88 Carter, Thomas  4 May 1652Virginia, USA I180202
89 Cates, Lucy Mary  1755Virginia, USA I153170
90 Chewning, Georgia Mary Emeline  26 Jul 1783Virginia, USA I101399
91 Chitwood, Caleb  1783Virginia, USA I169773
92 Chitwood, Margaret  1789Virginia, USA I155410
93 Chitwood, Richard  1722Virginia, USA I154071
94 Chowning, George  1750Virginia, USA I153455
95 Chumley, Abraham Edmond (Chumbley)  1790Virginia, USA I117382
96 Churchill, William  Abt 1678Virginia, USA I92767
97 Clark, Eugenus  1813Virginia, USA I126684
98 Clarke, Mary  1700Virginia, USA I177891
99 Clarkson, James  1734Virginia, USA I109816
100 Clarkson, Mary  1739Virginia, USA I142063
101 Clarkson, Sarah  1764Virginia, USA I132432
102 Clayton, Phebe  1810Virginia, USA I179991
103 Clifton, Sarah  1690Virginia, USA I100257
104 Cockran, Samuel  1811Virginia, USA I171741
105 Cofer, Ezekiel  1784Virginia, USA I43249
106 Cofer, Reuben  1786Virginia, USA I128915
107 Cofer, Tabitha  1773Virginia, USA I143993
108 Coffey, Anister  1712Virginia, USA I28042
109 Coffey, Edward  1736Virginia, USA I29645
110 Coffey, Elizabeth  1744Virginia, USA I29648
111 Coffey, James  1726Virginia, USA I29642
112 Coffey, John  1730Virginia, USA I29643
113 Coffey, Rueben  1732Virginia, USA I29644
114 Coffey, Thomas  7 Mar 1741/1742Virginia, USA I29647
115 Coffey, William  1739Virginia, USA I29646
116 Coffey, Winnifred  1748Virginia, USA I29649
117 Coghill, Sarah Hawes  1745Virginia, USA I124438
118 Cokran, Mary  1752Virginia, USA I143619
119 Coleman, Frances "Frankie"  Dec 1744Virginia, USA I161695
120 Coleman, Robert Goodwin  24 Apr 1788Virginia, USA I61135
121 Coman, Johnathan  1690Virginia, USA I156142
122 Comer, Elizabeth Anne  1705Virginia, USA I114039
123 Comer, Elizabeth Anne  1729Virginia, USA I155355
124 Comer, James Thomas  1747Virginia, USA I122185
125 Comer, John Anderson  1750Virginia, USA I109206
126 Comer, William  1740Virginia, USA I144438
127 Compton, Benjamin  1754Virginia, USA I157460
128 Compton, Elizabeth Betsy  1766Virginia, USA I155057
129 Compton, Fountain Davenport  1832Virginia, USA I140751
130 Compton, Jane Jennie  1764Virginia, USA I118713
131 Compton, John VI  1777Virginia, USA I133263
132 Compton, Meredith  1770Virginia, USA I130141
133 Compton, Reuben  1762Virginia, USA I111089
134 Compton, Richard  1761Virginia, USA I152016
135 Compton, Tamson  1762Virginia, USA I111450
136 Compton, Zachariah  1775Virginia, USA I142391
137 Conley, James  1776Virginia, USA I12878
138 Conley, James  Abt 1854Virginia, USA I52098
139 Conley, Robert  1827Virginia, USA I112035
140 Connelly, James  14 Jun 1761Virginia, USA I52840
141 Cooksey, Barbara  1775Virginia, USA I102037
142 Copeland, John  1689Virginia, USA I112215
143 Copher, Jesse  1788Virginia, USA I43239
144 Copher, Joseph  1723Virginia, USA I124540
145 Copher, Mary  1792Virginia, USA I36864
146 Copher, Sarah  1718Virginia, USA I156589
147 Corbin, Frances  Dec 1671Virginia, USA I122975
148 Corbin, Gawin  1669Virginia, USA I90370
149 Corder, Benjamin  1775Virginia, USA I42854
150 Corder, Edward Carter Jr.  1730Virginia, USA I42847
151 Corder, Elenor  1762Virginia, USA I42857
152 Corder, Elijah J  1850Virginia, USA I42861
153 Corder, Gordon C  18 Oct 1805Virginia, USA I42863
154 Corder, Leah  1760Virginia, USA I42859
155 Corder, Orpha  1775Virginia, USA I155477
156 Corder, Susannah  1773Virginia, USA I42860
157 Cornett, Hiram  1836Virginia, USA I108114
158 Cornett, Mary  1794Virginia, USA I137600
159 Cornett, Nancy  1792Virginia, USA I139852
160 Cornstalk (carlisle), Esther Cutewah  1748Virginia, USA I154604
161 Cox, Clement  1758Virginia, USA I124861
162 Cox, John  1742Virginia, USA I147322
163 Cox, Nancy  1761Virginia, USA I113939
164 Cox, Polly  1754Virginia, USA I112507
165 Cox, Samuel T  1763Virginia, USA I155824
166 Crabtree, Emily  Nov 1853Virginia, USA I166990
167 Crawford, Austin  1776Virginia, USA I140309
168 Crawford, John  1753Virginia, USA I103021
169 Crawford, Lucretia  1780Virginia, USA I176505
170 Crawford, Martitia  1782Virginia, USA I137756
171 Crawford, Valentine  15 Nov 1775Virginia, USA I131548
172 Crew, John  Abt 1724Virginia, USA I39099
173 Crew, Sarah Ann  1727Virginia, USA I38349
174 Crittenden, Sarah  21 Aug 1729Virginia, USA I115108
175 Cunningham, Parsons  10 Oct 1800Virginia, USA I176373
176 Dale, Eleanor  1683Virginia, USA I26680
177 Dale, Judith  1685Virginia, USA I26683
178 Dale, Nicholas  1697Virginia, USA I26681
179 Dale, Sarah  1681Virginia, USA I26686
180 Dale, Thomas  1680Virginia, USA I26687
181 Daniels, Mary Sarah "Polly"  1814Virginia, USA I74625
182 Davis, Eleanor  1772Virginia, USA I114268
183 Davis, Mary Crow  Abt 1809Virginia, USA I87386
184 Davis, Rezin  1770Virginia, USA I168112
185 Davis, Thomas  15 Dec 1767Virginia, USA I179139
186 Deal, Rachel  Mar 1816Virginia, USA I28398
187 Deal, Richard  Abt 1815Virginia, USA I31829
188 Deal, Thomas  1821Virginia, USA I13069
189 Deel, Cynthia  Abt 1823Virginia, USA I10548
190 DeLawder, Elizabeth (DeLauder)  1800Virginia, USA I1993
191 Delawder, Sarah  1807Virginia, USA I153944
192 Delawder, Susannah (Delaughter - DeLawder)  1775Virginia, USA I174021
193 Denning, Arminda  Virginia, USA I160774
194 Denning, Mar (Finn)  1799Virginia, USA I170940
195 Denning, Margaret "Peggy"  1812Virginia, USA I4921
196 Denning, Sarah  24 Feb 1812Virginia, USA I156366
197 Dennis, Samuel George  1735Virginia, USA I100074
198 Dive, Judith  Virginia, USA I128006
199 Dodson, Solomon  1781Virginia, USA I166414
200 Dougherty, Elizabeth  1760Virginia, USA I132282
201 Dougherty, James  1758Virginia, USA I145945
202 Dougherty, Mary  1768Virginia, USA I136998
203 Dougherty, William  1745Virginia, USA I142934
204 Douglas, Berreman  1785Virginia, USA I129855
205 Douglas, Catherine  1788Virginia, USA I179288
206 Douglas, Fanny  1835Virginia, USA I124770
207 Downey, Abigale L  1798Virginia, USA I178279
208 Drain, John  1749Virginia, USA I136105
209 Dudley, Mary  Abt 1772Virginia, USA I137965
210 Dunn, James  30 Apr 1753Virginia, USA I180025
211 Earle, Catherine  1735Virginia, USA I122379
212 Eidson, Catherine  1705Virginia, USA I136413
213 Ellyson, Cecilia  Abt 1639Virginia, USA I40908
214 Ellyson, Hannah  Virginia, USA I40940
215 Ellyson, Hannah  Abt 1669Virginia, USA I40832
216 Ellyson, Son  Abt 1673Virginia, USA I40897
217 Emmons, Gilson Holmes  24 Feb 1802Virginia, USA I149080
218 Emmons, James  Virginia, USA I160291
219 Eudaley, Frances  1740Virginia, USA I108982
220 Evans, Richard  1740Virginia, USA I116196
221 Evans, William  1733Virginia, USA I137089
222 Eve, Mildred "Milly"  1752Virginia, USA I43145
223 Everett, Durrett  1794Virginia, USA I131416
224 Farley, Elizabeth  1740Virginia, USA I175247
225 Farley, George  1742Virginia, USA I114960
226 Farley, Hannah  1770Virginia, USA I120511
227 Farley, Henry  1762Virginia, USA I154300
228 Farley, Jane  1796Virginia, USA I102094
229 Farley, Mary  1750Virginia, USA I174848
230 Farley, Mary  1768Virginia, USA I165190
231 Farley, Nancy Elizabeth  1758Virginia, USA I139455
232 Farley, Prudence  1738Virginia, USA I101549
233 Farley, Sarah  1764Virginia, USA I132365
234 Farley, Thomas  1787Virginia, USA I110379
235 Faulkner, Henry Isaac  1798Virginia, USA I100999
236 Faulkner, James H "Jim"  11 Oct 1830Virginia, USA I117772
237 Faulkner, Lee Thomas  20 Feb 1837Virginia, USA I168444
238 Faulkner, William Jr  8 Mar 1773Virginia, USA I111288
239 Faulkner, William Lee "Billy"  1835Virginia, USA I108051
240 Fears, John  18 Sep 1783Virginia, USA I140539
241 Fears, Thomas  1761Virginia, USA I180808
242 Fillinger, Elizabeth "Betty" Farley  1783Virginia, USA I147280
243 Finn, Arminda  1802Virginia, USA I166678
244 Flowers, Anthony  1775Virginia, USA I101223
245 Flowers, David  1795Virginia, USA I120991
246 Flowers, Thomas  1785Virginia, USA I146968
247 Foster, Elizabeth  1782Virginia, USA I120277
248 Foster, Elizabeth  1785Virginia, USA I160620
249 Foster, Susannah  1780Virginia, USA I143867
250 Foster, William  27 Oct 1776Virginia, USA I118036

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aden, Bennett Samuel  Virginia, USA I160621
2 Adkins, Anna  1760Virginia, USA I172192
3 Allen, Richard  1767Virginia, USA I140670
4 Anderson, Annie Elizabeth  1765Virginia, USA I140889
5 Anderson, Elizabeth  1802Virginia, USA I161576
6 Anderson, Jacob  26 Nov 1822Virginia, USA I102930
7 Aston, Susannah  1662Virginia, USA I93903
8 Atkinson, Elizabeth  1764Virginia, USA I101011
9 Atkinson, Thomas Jr  1636Virginia, USA I179498
10 Bailey, Betty  1742Virginia, USA I127360
11 Baldwin, Mary Peyton  1680Virginia, USA I120785
12 Barnett, Edward  Virginia, USA I53645
13 Bartlett, James M  31 Oct 1830Virginia, USA I163364
14 Bassett, Burwell  4 Jan 1793Virginia, USA I134212
15 Bassett, William  11 Oct 1723Virginia, USA I90381
16 Baxter, Isabella  1760Virginia, USA I116105
17 Beheathland, Dorothy  Virginia, USA I105566
18 Billington, Elizabeth Millicent  1715Virginia, USA I165927
19 Bland, Richard  1776Virginia, USA I84870
20 Bosley, Thomas  1760Virginia, USA I43742
21 Boswell, John Winfrey Sr  1716Virginia, USA I112983
22 Bowman, Louisa  1819Virginia, USA I135264
23 Brake, Catron Catherine  1775Virginia, USA I103310
24 Brock, Sarah  Abt 1815Virginia, USA I42764
25 Bruce, Lemuel  1805Virginia, USA I4706
26 Bryant, Jane  Virginia, USA I156926
27 Burton, Rachel  Virginia, USA I118652
28 Burton, Rachel  1754Virginia, USA I181578
29 Cantrell, Sarah  13 Jul 1761Virginia, USA I118314
30 Cartwright, John  1666Virginia, USA I114938
31 Childs, Suzannah  Virginia, USA I150460
32 Churchill, Armistead  1763Virginia, USA I92766
33 Clare, William (Cleare)  27 Mar 1692Virginia, USA I37583
34 Cobb, Susannah  1764Virginia, USA I100867
35 Cocke, Mary  1744Virginia, USA I105346
36 Colonna, Owen  1693Virginia, USA I181265
37 Colonna, Susanna (Collony)  1745Virginia, USA I111829
38 Colville, Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I149098
39 Coman, John  Virginia, USA I173621
40 Coman, Johnathan  Virginia, USA I156142
41 Comer, Elizabeth Anne  1766Virginia, USA I114039
42 Comer, Elizabeth Anne  1766Virginia, USA I155355
43 Comer, John  9 Dec 1757Virginia, USA I171927
44 Comer, Thomas  Virginia, USA I116215
45 Compton, Elizabeth  1786Virginia, USA I148698
46 Compton, Jeremiah  1786Virginia, USA I154326
47 Compton, Joshua  1786Virginia, USA I143942
48 Connelly, John  1786Virginia, USA I34891
49 Corder, Leah  Virginia, USA I42859
50 Cornett, Mary  Virginia, USA I137600
51 Craddock, Mildred Ann  Abt. 1768Virginia, USA I123494
52 Crawford, Elizabeth  1762Virginia, USA I101532
53 Crittenden, (Dna)  Virginia, USA I148460
54 Cunningham, George  Virginia, USA I28179
55 Cunningham, John Jr.  Virginia, USA I28178
56 Cunningham, Robert  Virginia, USA I28181
57 Cunningham, William  Virginia, USA I28180
58 Dale, Elizabeth  1796Virginia, USA I15589
59 Daniels, Mary Sarah "Polly"  1870Virginia, USA I74625
60 Dietrich, Casper  1830Virginia, USA I123046
61 Dive, Judith  Virginia, USA I128006
62 Dobson, Benjamin  1765Virginia, USA I125357
63 Dobson, John , Captain  20 Jun 1780Virginia, USA I141925
64 Dougherty, Michael  11 Jun 1787Virginia, USA I175304
65 Dougherty, William  1773Virginia, USA I142934
66 Duff, Isabell  1757Virginia, USA I108696
67 Edwards, Frances  1707Virginia, USA I123417
68 Edwards, William  6 Sep 1756Virginia, USA I167913
69 Essix, Mary Louise  1720Virginia, USA I49062
70 Evans, Florence  3 Jul 1705Virginia, USA I155493
71 Evans, Nicholas  1690Virginia, USA I168839
72 Farley, Hannah  Abt 1803Virginia, USA I120511
73 Farley, Sophia  4 Jan 1813Virginia, USA I172428
74 Fitzpen, Cecilie  1659Virginia, USA I100829
75 Fleming, Judith  Abt 1743Virginia, USA I149724
76 Flowers, Elizabeth  Jul 1751Virginia, USA I141273
77 Flowers, Henry  1727Virginia, USA I177516
78 Flynt, Richard  11 Jan 1719Virginia, USA I94206
79 Freeman, Benjamin  1791Virginia, USA I109651
80 Freeman, Elisha  1695Virginia, USA I141035
81 Gardiner, Susanna Barton  Virginia, USA I92560
82 Garrett, John D Burton  1825Virginia, USA I127975
83 Gates, Thomas  1660Virginia, USA I140028
84 Gibson, Isaac C  7 Oct 1909Virginia, USA I177064
85 Gibson, John  Virginia, USA I105084
86 Gibson, Tabitha  10 Oct 1918Virginia, USA I105975
87 Goodrich, Mary  1788Virginia, USA I141907
88 Goodrich, Thomas  1801Virginia, USA I102387
89 Graves, Eleanora Burnley  22 Apr 1873Virginia, USA I178728
90 Haines, Sarah  Virginia, USA I44440
91 Haldeman, Elizabeth  1850Virginia, USA I176589
92 Hall, Charles  Virginia, USA I111673
93 Hammack, Mary  1808Virginia, USA I103868
94 Hamner, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1707Virginia, USA I161579
95 Hampton, Elizabeth  1750Virginia, USA I94200
96 Hancock, Agnes  1767Virginia, USA I154109
97 Hancock, Elizabeth  1775Virginia, USA I103626
98 Hancock, Francis  Virginia, USA I176051
99 Hancock, George  1769Virginia, USA I141052
100 Hancock, Jane  Virginia, USA I119916
101 Hancock, Johanna  1793Virginia, USA I133609
102 Hancock, Lucy  Virginia, USA I136350
103 Hancock, Marianna  1768Virginia, USA I101437
104 Hancock, Martha  1768Virginia, USA I169409
105 Hancock, Sara  Virginia, USA I176876
106 Harringdon, john  Virginia, USA I174503
107 Harrison, Anne  20 Sep 1814Virginia, USA I164057
108 Harrison, Randolph  23 Sep 1839Virginia, USA I118973
109 Hatch, William  Virginia, USA I14960
110 Hensley, Elizabeth  1651Virginia, USA I107010
111 Hensley, Elizabeth  1815Virginia, USA I100046
112 Hensley, Hickman  1835Virginia, USA I8650
113 Hensley, John  Abt 1778Virginia, USA I81336
114 Hensley, Larkin  1835Virginia, USA I149764
115 Hensley, Martha Ann  1810Virginia, USA I30730
116 Hensley, Mary  1825Virginia, USA I177601
117 Hensley, Molly  1800Virginia, USA I15351
118 Hensley, Robert Ellis  1808Virginia, USA I22874
119 Hensley, William  1694Virginia, USA I60783
120 Hensley, William  1822Virginia, USA I153719
121 Hewitt, Hannah  1665Virginia, USA I53604
122 Higgins, (Dna)  Virginia, USA I154642
123 Highley, Thomas  1859Virginia, USA I153909
124 Hill, Edward  Virginia, USA I113576
125 Hill, Jane Ester  Virginia, USA I118769
126 Hill, Mary Garlick  1872Virginia, USA I152295
127 Hill, Richard Minor  Virginia, USA I146014
128 Hill, Robert Baylor  9 Jul 1834Virginia, USA I178746
129 Hillyer, Francis  Virginia, USA I53644
130 Hixxon, Ephriam  1850Virginia, USA I117334
131 Hixxon, John  1850Virginia, USA I140171
132 Hollowell, Henry  Feb 1730Virginia, USA I37812
133 Hollowell, Joseph  Oct 1705Virginia, USA I38164
134 Hord, Mary  22 Mar 1770Virginia, USA I104286
135 Humphrey, Margaret  Virginia, USA I182366
136 Hurd, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1707Virginia, USA I128445
137 Isham, Mary  Virginia, USA I88190
138 Iverson, Phoebe Colgate  1703Virginia, USA I125145
139 Jameson, Alexander (Jamison) Jr  6 Jan 1691Virginia, USA I134216
140 Jameson, Mary  Virginia, USA I140890
141 Johnson, Robert  1755Virginia, USA I161055
142 Kelly, Joseph Brian  1770Virginia, USA I133942
143 King, Charles  Virginia, USA I133352
144 Kinsey, Hugh  Virginia, USA I88932
145 Knewstep, Jacob  Abt 1725Virginia, USA I157965
146 Koon, William H  16 Apr 1903Virginia, USA I13155
147 Ladd, Huldah  Virginia, USA I161825
148 Lee, Francis Lightfoot  Apr 1741Virginia, USA I126231
149 Lee, Mary  Dec 1752/1753Virginia, USA I171541
150 Lee, Nathaniel  1760Virginia, USA I53485
151 Lewis, Mary  Abt 1730Virginia, USA I60784
152 Ligon, Ursula  1650Virginia, USA I167362
153 Linton, Elizabeth  Abt 1720Virginia, USA I86970
154 Little, Joseph R.  1848Virginia, USA I108702
155 MacKintosh, Alexander  1798Virginia, USA I167324
156 Martin, Agnes  Jul 1838Virginia, USA I143971
157 Martin, Agnes  Jul 1838Virginia, USA I151773
158 Martin, James R  23 Jul 1857Virginia, USA I26976
159 McCarty, Sarah  1799Virginia, USA I158403
160 Miller, Lucinda  13 Jul 1862Virginia, USA I14880
161 Minton, William  20 Sep 1823Virginia, USA I139822
162 Moore, Margaret  1784Virginia, USA I156206
163 Morgan, William  Virginia, USA I110972
164 Morgan, William  1800Virginia, USA I166201
165 Morrow, Linda Suzzie  Bef. 1700Virginia, USA I167506
166 Moss, James  Virginia, USA I92631
167 Mountcastle, Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I167008
168 Nicholl, John Henry III  1726Virginia, USA I94201
169 Nicholson, Leannah "Ann" (Nichols)  1770Virginia, USA I118997
170 Ogilvie, Robert  23 May 1797Virginia, USA I117892
171 Osborne, Ellen B  1951Virginia, USA I147039
172 Owen, Thomas  1689Virginia, USA I153557
173 Penick, Anne  1863Virginia, USA I4693
174 Perrin, Thomas  Virginia, USA I98015
175 Peters, James  Virginia, USA I163407
176 Pettus, Priscilla Sukey  1791Virginia, USA I170760
177 Phillips, Sarah  1846Virginia, USA I145135
178 Powers, Eliakim  1812Virginia, USA I139963
179 Randall, Nancy Elizabeth  1844Virginia, USA I169217
180 Rawlings, Rachel  Dec 1732Virginia, USA I173065
181 Renneau, Malinda Maddon  Aft 18 Feb 1763Virginia, USA I178109
182 Reynolds, Richard  Virginia, USA I114907
183 Rhodes, Abraham Abram  1857Virginia, USA I176444
184 Rhodes, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1750Virginia, USA I178444
185 Ronk, George W  1886Virginia, USA I177346
186 Rosson, Nancy  1865Virginia, USA I98597
187 Rowlett, Frances  1782Virginia, USA I105394
188 Royall, Elizabeth  1704Virginia, USA I97983
189 Royall, William  1747Virginia, USA I97982
190 Rozier, Jane  Virginia, USA I157992
191 Ryan, Esther  1785Virginia, USA I178114
192 Sandy, Thomas Wyatt  Abt 1740Virginia, USA I89161
193 Settle, Anne  Abt 1784Virginia, USA I93052
194 Settle, Henry  16 Oct 1770Virginia, USA I99075
195 Sexton, Charles  4 Apr 1829Virginia, USA I168619
196 Sexton, Tamsey "Tanza"  1870Virginia, USA I101088
197 Sharpe, David  Apr 1768Virginia, USA I142872
198 Shinn, Elisha  4 Sep 1847Virginia, USA I18232
199 Shinn, Jezamiah  1 Jul 1831Virginia, USA I18558
200 Shinn, Mary Carter  Virginia, USA I57086
201 Shinn, Silas  12 Oct 1835Virginia, USA I26957
202 Smith, Mary  1805Virginia, USA I156009
203 Stealy, Rezin Lorenza  15 Mar 1874Virginia, USA I24104
204 Stobough, John  Virginia, USA I52443
205 Stockton, Thomas  1724Virginia, USA I95211
206 Storer, Elizabeth  1738Virginia, USA I179083
207 Stuart, Margaret "Peggy"  1761Virginia, USA I165324
208 Tapley, Elizabeth  1777Virginia, USA I149713
209 Thorn, Esther  Abt 1742Virginia, USA I148959
210 Tilley, Elizabeth  1748Virginia, USA I101987
211 Tolley, Patience (Folley)  1735Virginia, USA I121928
212 Townsend, Betsy  Virginia, USA I110422
213 Tucker, Sarah "Sally"  1787Virginia, USA I4696
214 Tyler, Elizabeth  1840Virginia, USA I134293
215 Vance, David  Abt 1768Virginia, USA I107170
216 Vance, Hester  1784Virginia, USA I181455
217 Vance, James David  31 Dec 1816Virginia, USA I136660
218 Vance, Sarah  14 Mar 1810Virginia, USA I137235
219 Vasqueau, Susannah  1785Virginia, USA I102209
220 Vass, Alexander  1810Virginia, USA I132688
221 Walton, Frances  1798Virginia, USA I116590
222 Wamsley, David  Mar 1849Virginia, USA I132877
223 Wamsley, Elizabeth  1841Virginia, USA I59613
224 Ward, Hattie  Virginia, USA I141327
225 Ward, James C  6 Dec 1930Virginia, USA I109736
226 Ward, Polly J  Virginia, USA I114450
227 Warren, Elizabeth  1682Virginia, USA I137706
228 Warren, Mary  1748Virginia, USA I107431
229 Weatherford, Rev. Charles Anderson  1847Virginia, USA I147350
230 White, John  1813Virginia, USA I161307
231 Whitlow, Nancy Anna  1749Virginia, USA I134487
232 Whitney, Kesiah Ann  6 Sep 1797Virginia, USA I121542
233 Williams, William  1703Virginia, USA I145501
234 Winslow, John  17 Apr 1754Virginia, USA I1949
235 Worsham, Frances  1755Virginia, USA I4740
236 Worsham, John  1 Oct 1729Virginia, USA I113230
237 Yaple, Phillip Henry  1783Virginia, USA I103181


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hollowell, Henry  Virginia, USA I37812
2 Lord, John  1692Virginia, USA I30257


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Thomas V  1730Virginia, USA I93053
2 Blackwell, Obedience  1750Virginia, USA I117485
3 Boswell, William M. Sr.  1765Virginia, USA I31959
4 Coleman, Robert Goodwin  Virginia, USA I61135
5 Compton, "Dr" John Patrick  Oct 1825Virginia, USA I101625
6 Conley, Paris G  Abt 1858Virginia, USA I21363
7 Franklin, Mary  1750Virginia, USA I45218
8 Gibson, George  1810Virginia, USA I26392
9 Gibson, William  1814Virginia, USA I1513
10 Hensley, Lucinda Leak "Lucy"  1798Virginia, USA I145703
11 Hensley, Lucinda Leak "Lucy"  25 Jan 1801Virginia, USA I145703
12 Johnson, Mary Ann  30 Apr 1795Virginia, USA I173659
13 Knapp, William Warden  17 Mar 1832Virginia, USA I158383
14 Lee, Elizabeth  1654Virginia, USA I163416
15 Lee, Francis Lightfoot  1649Virginia, USA I126231
16 Lee, Henry  1643Virginia, USA I129315
17 Lee, John  1642Virginia, USA I151358
18 Lee, John  1644Virginia, USA I151358
19 Lee, William C  1651Virginia, USA I3754
20 Marksbury, Samuel IV  Abt 1770Virginia, USA I114424
21 Mason, Emily  1846Virginia, USA I169458
22 Mason, Mary Jane "Jean"  1770Virginia, USA I15596
23 Mason, Peter  19 Mar 1820Virginia, USA I46917
24 McCarty, Nancy  1760Virginia, USA I43721
25 Owen, John  1660Virginia, USA I94197
26 Rhodes, Christopher J  1794Virginia, USA I128091
27 Ronk, Samuel T.  1844Virginia, USA I177604
28 Ronk, Samuel T.  1844Virginia, USA I177604
29 Ronk, Samuel T.  1845Virginia, USA I177604
30 Rowlett, Mackness  1741Virginia, USA I4674
31 Rowlett, William  1678Virginia, USA I4739
32 Sexton, Benjamin Franklyn Jr  1783Virginia, USA I3562
33 Sexton, Benjamin Franklyn Jr  1785Virginia, USA I3562
34 Sexton, Nancy  1800Virginia, USA I147411
35 Sexton, Stephen B  Virginia, USA I165552
36 Shinn, Dolly Ann "Ollie"  Nov 1835Virginia, USA I64342
37 Shinn, Elizabeth Jane  1850Virginia, USA I101479
38 Shinn, Samuel Branson  1765Virginia, USA I46276
39 Sorrell, Joseph Lorenzo  1802Virginia, USA I30497
40 Stone, Elias  Abt 1832Virginia, USA I64343
41 Vance, Joseph Colville  24 Mar 1759Virginia, USA I119141
42 Wilson, Cleavy  Oct 1894Virginia, USA I158828


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hensley, John Samuel  1820Virginia, USA I109827
2 Hyes, Hannah  Virginia, USA I174970
3 Rhodes, George Christopher  1857Virginia, USA I117269
4 Rowland, Sarah Elizabeth "Betty"  27 Aug 1752Virginia, USA I71561
5 Rowlett, William  5 May 1735Virginia, USA I4739
6 Schildecker, Frank  12 Feb 1960Virginia, USA I115466
7 Shinn, Hannah Achesh  25 Aug 1841Virginia, USA I36178


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Coffer, Thomas Withers /Copher Cofer)  1730/1907Virginia, USA I43298
2 Barnard, Thomas Jr  Virginia, USA I27622
3 Billington, Luke  1651Virginia, USA I133624
4 Blackwell, William  Virginia, USA I115384
5 Blackwell, William  Virginia, USA I115384
6 Boswell, John B  Virginia, USA I53454
7 Boswell, John B  1782/1785Virginia, USA I53454
8 Boswell, William M. Sr.  1782/1785Virginia, USA I31959
9 Carney, John Jr  Virginia, USA I132889
10 Coman, John Harwell  Virginia, USA I133205
11 Comer, James Samuel  1782/1785Virginia, USA I136240
12 Comer, James Samuel  1782/1785Virginia, USA I136240
13 Comer, James Thomas  1782/1785Virginia, USA I122185
14 Compton, Archibald  Virginia, USA I109162
15 Compton, Archibald  1839Virginia, USA I109162
16 Conley, James  Virginia, USA I12878
17 Corder, Edward Carter Jr.  1769/1800Virginia, USA I42847
18 Cunningham, James Hugh  Virginia, USA I28182
19 Dillard, Joseph Jr  1782/1785Virginia, USA I175863
20 Ellis, Martha Ann  Virginia, USA I8651
21 Fears, James Thomas  1782/1785Virginia, USA I166312
22 Hensley, Benjamin  Virginia, USA I171497
23 Hensley, Benjamin  Virginia, USA I171497
24 Hensley, Benjamin  1651/1776Virginia, USA I171497
25 Hensley, Benjamin  1782/1785Virginia, USA I171497
26 Hensley, Benjamin Henrico  Virginia, USA I8652
27 Hensley, Benjamin Henrico  Virginia, USA I8652
28 Hensley, Benjamin Henrico  1651/1776Virginia, USA I8652
29 Hensley, Benjamin Henrico  1782/1785Virginia, USA I8652
30 Hensley, Benjamin Henrico  1782/1785Virginia, USA I8652
31 Hensley, William Samuel  Virginia, USA I81337
32 Hensley, William Samuel  Virginia, USA I81337
33 Hensley, William Samuel  1782/1785Virginia, USA I81337
34 Lay, Abraham  Virginia, USA I108802
35 Lay, Abraham  Virginia, USA I108802
36 Lee, Hugh III  Virginia, USA I53479
37 Marksbury, Samuel Jr  Virginia, USA I19440
38 Mason, Nathan  1782/1785Virginia, USA I36842
39 Peery, Thomas  1651/1776Virginia, USA I108493
40 Rowlett, John Jr  1782/1785Virginia, USA I4737
41 Rowlett, William  1782/1785Virginia, USA I4739
42 Sexton, Benjamin Franklyn  Virginia, USA I100454
43 Sexton, Benjamin Franklyn  Virginia, USA I100454
44 Sexton, Benjamin Franklyn Jr  Virginia, USA I3562
45 Shinn, Isaac  1833Virginia, USA I162527
46 Simpson, Samuel  Virginia, USA I12753
47 Tatum, Samuel  Virginia, USA I53516
48 Terrill, Robert  Virginia, USA I145325


Matches 1 to 103 of 103

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldridge / Smith  1734Virginia, USA F42609
2 Ball / Catherine  Virginia, USA F29745
3 Bartee / Butt  Bet. 1759–1769Virginia, USA F37025
4 Bartee / Wilson  1762Virginia, USA F37026
5 Blair / Morgan  Virginia, USA F37301
6 Bruce / May  1743Virginia, USA F2054
7 Buchanan / Matney  22 Jan 1801Virginia, USA F45115
8 Carlock / Osborn  1790Virginia, USA F27068
9 Carney / Alexander  1690Virginia, USA F35007
10 Carroll / Shinn  22 Mar 1828Virginia, USA F9137
11 Carter / Hill  1723Virginia, USA F30881
12 Chancellor / King  1721Virginia, USA F26075
13 Chewning / Talley  Abt 1751Virginia, USA F33852
14 Clifton / Walmesley  1689Virginia, USA F33445
15 Coffey / Jolliffee  Virginia, USA F12041
16 Coker / Geddings  1710Virginia, USA F33951
17 Comer / Anderson  1704Virginia, USA F41509
18 Conley / Gibson  1838Virginia, USA F792
19 Copher / Eve  1774Virginia, USA F14901
20 Coplin / Shinn  1772Virginia, USA F9146
21 Couch / Gibson  1796Virginia, USA F35501
22 Cox / Tomlinson  1737Virginia, USA F36707
23 Crew / Williams  29 Aug 1655Virginia, USA F15592
24 Crews / Grumball  1710Virginia, USA F26933
25 Crippen / Bayley  Abt 1717Virginia, USA F47090
26 Dougherty / Clark  1740Virginia, USA F43425
27 Ellis / Royall  Virginia, USA F3894
28 Fears / Saddler  1746Virginia, USA F34070
29 Foster / Biggs  1682Virginia, USA F44944
30 Foster / Rand  1740Virginia, USA F46639
31 Freeman / Compton  26 Mar 1752Virginia, USA F40208
32 Goodwin / Graves  6 Sep 1782Virginia, USA F34758
33 Gray / Anderson  1750Virginia, USA F37583
34 Gray / Anderson  1750Virginia, USA F50791
35 Guthrie / Oakes  Virginia, USA F38654
36 Hammock / Witcher  1755Virginia, USA F36505
37 Harper / Denton  1768Virginia, USA F36860
38 Harrison / Bassett  1745Virginia, USA F1934
39 Hensley / Bowman  1752Virginia, USA F46620
40 Hensley / Delaney  1770Virginia, USA F26669
41 Hensley / Fleming  Abt 1798Virginia, USA F14756
42 Highley / Campbell  1764Virginia, USA F15572
43 Hixon / Stringfield  Abt. 1761Virginia, USA F34547
44 Humphreys / Kinsey  Abt 1656Virginia, USA F28677
45 Johnston / Johnson  1692Virginia, USA F49379
46 Kitchen / Ward  Virginia, USA F37739
47 Laws / Glass  Abt. 1741Virginia, USA F36123
48 Lee / Scott  1777Virginia, USA F43919
49 Little / Minton  1805Virginia, USA F34348
50 Little / Preston  1784Virginia, USA F39563
51 Lockhart / Cox  1782Virginia, USA F37809
52 Magill / Fowler  1747Virginia, USA F34328
53 Marksbury / Mumford  1734Virginia, USA F4966
54 Martin / Childs  1749Virginia, USA F37382
55 McCarty / Higgins  1727Virginia, USA F16759
56 McCarty / Lee  1720Virginia, USA F38595
57 McCarty / Smith  Abt 1735Virginia, USA F16762
58 McCarty / Wright  1700Virginia, USA F43361
59 McMullen / Robinson  Virginia, USA F34211
60 Metcalf / Claypoole  1783Virginia, USA F40991
61 Metcalf / Hogan  Abt 1750Virginia, USA F34694
62 Moore / Evans  1743Virginia, USA F36284
63 Myers / Carney  1755Virginia, USA F38972
64 Newman / Posey  1742Virginia, USA F17266
65 O'Rea / Renneau  1742Virginia, USA F47809
66 Owen / Brookes  1661Virginia, USA F31323
67 Owen / Dive  Virginia, USA F46440
68 Parsons / Taylor  1784Virginia, USA F35143
69 Peacock / Andrews  1664Virginia, USA F43726
70 Peery / Jameson  1713Virginia, USA F39452
71 Place / Williamson  1637Virginia, USA F12744
72 Randolph / Beverly  1709Virginia, USA F21656
73 Randolph / Bolling  1720Virginia, USA F21661
74 Ronk / Cary  1818Virginia, USA F42805
75 Ronk / Fowler  1800Virginia, USA F38381
76 Rowland / Hampton  Abt. 1688Virginia, USA F24326
77 Royall / Bates  1748Virginia, USA F32596
78 Royall / Eppes  Virginia, USA F32593
79 Settle / Berryman  1751Virginia, USA F49316
80 Sexton / Green  1769Virginia, USA F37942
81 Sherrill / Davidson  1746Virginia, USA F33946
82 Shinn / Pugh  1814Virginia, USA F4118
83 Southern / Tucker  1640Virginia, USA F11681
84 Spiller / king  1733Virginia, USA F31584
85 Spiller / Moore  1739Virginia, USA F31583
86 Stone / Grayson  1762Virginia, USA F36484
87 Stone / See  21 Feb 1850Virginia, USA F14819
88 Tague / Hodges  1813Virginia, USA F41762
89 Tate / Winston  1718Virginia, USA F33913
90 Teague / Wood  Virginia, USA F16407
91 Thompson / Barr  1770Virginia, USA F34035
92 Turpin / Burton  1738Virginia, USA F33464
93 Tyler / Baxter  1709Virginia, USA F43342
94 Vass / Thornton  1790Virginia, USA F47400
95 Vaughan / Rosson  1830Virginia, USA F32762
96 Ward / Tilley  1720Virginia, USA F35025
97 White / Blumer  1695Virginia, USA F33391
98 Widders / Johnson  1822Virginia, USA F37882
99 Williams / Harrison  Abt 1677Virginia, USA F28649
100 Willingham / Rhodes  1745Virginia, USA F41530
101 Wilson / Shinn  4 Jan 1806Virginia, USA F6909
102 Winfrey / Turpin  1762Virginia, USA F45346
103 Yancey / Bartlett  1700Virginia, USA F35441


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