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Kentucky, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Whitters, Catharine Ann /Weathers Weather)  1815Kentucky, USA I129319
2 Adams, Mary  1844Kentucky, USA I126674
3 Adkins, Francis M  28 Dec 1830Kentucky, USA I156648
4 Adkins, Francis Morton  28 Dec 1830Kentucky, USA I137993
5 Adkins, Hannah  1832Kentucky, USA I170481
6 Adkins, James M  22 Jul 1815Kentucky, USA I144350
7 Adkins, Sarah Jane  1818Kentucky, USA I174772
8 Akes, James H "Jim"  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I174182
9 Armstrong, Able  Abt 1850Kentucky, USA I133285
10 Armstrong, Beulah  1 Nov 1883Kentucky, USA I114617
11 Armstrong, Charles H  Abt 1863Kentucky, USA I100078
12 Armstrong, Clinton F  Abt 1847Kentucky, USA I140050
13 Armstrong, Ellen A  Abt 1867Kentucky, USA I141252
14 Armstrong, Ida  Abt 1880Kentucky, USA I1780
15 Armstrong, James  Abt 1817Kentucky, USA I133738
16 Armstrong, Lucinda  Abt 1844Kentucky, USA I130019
17 Armstrong, Mary E  Abt 1839Kentucky, USA I115900
18 Armstrong, Nancy E  Abt 1842Kentucky, USA I106515
19 Armstrong, William  Abt 1870Kentucky, USA I123878
20 Atkins, Joseph Slaughter  1828Kentucky, USA I141685
21 Bartley, Martha Jane "Patsy"  Abt 1835Kentucky, USA I1514
22 Bennett, Emily  1815Kentucky, USA I106911
23 Bennett, Henry  1844Kentucky, USA I157565
24 Bennett, James  1833Kentucky, USA I170297
25 Bennett, James  1838Kentucky, USA I180036
26 Bennett, Jesse  1846Kentucky, USA I134158
27 Bennett, John  1840Kentucky, USA I129436
28 Bennett, Joseph  1842Kentucky, USA I119756
29 Black, Alexander  1774Kentucky, USA I101808
30 Black, Lucinda  1803Kentucky, USA I131626
31 Black, William  16 Mar 1794Kentucky, USA I107420
32 Black, Willis John  3 Mar 1801Kentucky, USA I120197
33 Blackwell, James Fielding  28 Feb 1801Kentucky, USA I146466
34 Boatman, William  1788Kentucky, USA I130620
35 Bowen, Eliza  1858Kentucky, USA I1986
36 Bowen, Elizabeth  Abt 1865Kentucky, USA I1983
37 Bowman, Mahala  Jul 1801Kentucky, USA I103909
38 Bowman, Mahala  1828Kentucky, USA I160818
39 Bowman, Nancy Elizabeth  1822Kentucky, USA I122801
40 Brown, Priscilla (Precilla)  1827Kentucky, USA I115311
41 Bryant, Charlotte Julian "Lottie"  25 Dec 1809Kentucky, USA I101345
42 Bryant..., Christina  1810Kentucky, USA I142514
43 Buchanan, Charles W  Aug 1869Kentucky, USA I113377
44 Buchanan, Coon  1881Kentucky, USA I138067
45 Buchanan, Erastus H.  Abt 1879Kentucky, USA I176348
46 Buchanan, Francis E.  Jun 1874Kentucky, USA I122479
47 Buchanan, James C.  Apr 1876Kentucky, USA I118576
48 Buchanan, Louraney  Abt 1868Kentucky, USA I111798
49 Buchanan, Mary E.  Abt 1873Kentucky, USA I102659
50 Buchanan, Miles L.  Abt 1871Kentucky, USA I173903
51 Buchanan, Olie I.  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I100039
52 Buchanan, Perry A  Jan 1882Kentucky, USA I159113
53 Buchanan, Sibba C.  Abt 1866Kentucky, USA I181180
54 Buchanan, Thomas Lee  1873Kentucky, USA I149610
55 Burcham, Mary Polly  12 Apr 1804Kentucky, USA I71184
56 Burton, Sarah Williams  11 Dec 1803Kentucky, USA I89684
57 Burus, Josephine  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I149459
58 Carnett, Dillard  1906Kentucky, USA I180896
59 Carnett, Mayo  1910Kentucky, USA I164984
60 Carr, Elizabeth Betsy  1795Kentucky, USA I107853
61 Carr, Rachael  13 Jul 1801Kentucky, USA I168928
62 Carr, William  1799Kentucky, USA I101009
63 Chandler, Susannah "Susan"  23 Apr 1837Kentucky, USA I123971
64 Childers, Finley Carlton "Carl"  23 Nov 1908Kentucky, USA I137559
65 Childers, Green Edward  27 Sep 1884Kentucky, USA I151876
66 Childers, John M  18 Oct 1877Kentucky, USA I177261
67 Childers, Laura E  4 Apr 1872Kentucky, USA I175242
68 Childers, N.   I158515
69 Childers, Nancy Jane  20 Oct 1870Kentucky, USA I106243
70 Childers, Neseline  23 Dec 1912Kentucky, USA I160680
71 Childers, Plonnor  1890Kentucky, USA I121506
72 Childers, Porter Carter  1910Kentucky, USA I123699
73 Childers, Richard A  4 Oct 1880Kentucky, USA I126170
74 Childers, Samuel Plummer  17 May 1889Kentucky, USA I116238
75 Childers, William Henry  18 Dec 1873Kentucky, USA I104691
76 Childers, William Henry  21 Mar 1924Kentucky, USA I146313
77 Childers (Childress), Finley Carlton  23 Nov 1908Kentucky, USA I167922
78 Cofer, Anderson  1796Kentucky, USA I43217
79 Cofer, George  1790Kentucky, USA I43231
80 Cofer, John  Abt 1794Kentucky, USA I43204
81 Collins, George H  4 Feb 1822Kentucky, USA I106849
82 Collins, John J  1823Kentucky, USA I119793
83 Connelly, Mary Ann  Abt 1843Kentucky, USA I1782
84 Conway, Sarah  1790Kentucky, USA I93022
85 Cooper, Edward William  4 Apr 1924Kentucky, USA I163112
86 Corman, Abram H  30 Dec 1814Kentucky, USA I118017
87 Corman, Clark  18 Apr 1879Kentucky, USA I151462
88 Corman, David G  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I123432
89 Corman, Georgia A  Abt 1844Kentucky, USA I134403
90 Corman, Gratton  Jan 1840Kentucky, USA I5953
91 Corman, Isaac  Abt 1841Kentucky, USA I156920
92 Corman, Manuel  Jun 1873Kentucky, USA I1783
93 Corman, Sallie W  Abt 1856Kentucky, USA I102986
94 Cormann, Fletcher  Abt 1852Kentucky, USA I155442
95 Cormann, George W  Abt 1840Kentucky, USA I114358
96 Cormann, Mary E  Abt 1846Kentucky, USA I169960
97 Cormann, Matilda  Abt 1850Kentucky, USA I128205
98 Cormann, Perpetua  Abt 1848Kentucky, USA I176118
99 Cornett, Eliza Jane  1837Kentucky, USA I156533
100 Cornett, E.   I175912
101 Cornett, Hanah  Abt 1874Kentucky, USA I124875
102 Cornett, Hiram  Jan 1890Kentucky, USA I159080
103 Cornett, Irvin  1845Kentucky, USA I170033
104 Cornett, Joseph  Oct 1859Kentucky, USA I164987
105 Cornett, Joseph A  30 Oct 1873Kentucky, USA I154804
106 Cornett, Katie  1797Kentucky, USA I162170
107 Cornett, Malinda  Nov 1885Kentucky, USA I127269
108 Cornett, Marien  Abt 1876Kentucky, USA I109562
109 Cornett, Mckinley W  Nov 1896Kentucky, USA I100930
110 Cornett, Nancy J  Dec 1883Kentucky, USA I164562
111 Cornett, Precious "Pressy"  Jan 1881Kentucky, USA I163251
112 Cornett, Rachel  1813Kentucky, USA I158796
113 Cornett, Rebecca Jane  1903Kentucky, USA I142792
114 Cornett, Rehleen  Abt 1905Kentucky, USA I151307
115 Cornett, Rehleen  1905Kentucky, USA I166866
116 Cornett, Ritten  Nov 1887Kentucky, USA I124314
117 Cornett, Ritter  6 Jul 1852Kentucky, USA I117851
118 Cornett, Sylvan  12 Aug 1894Kentucky, USA I148221
119 Cornman, George H  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I178891
120 Cornman, Mary E  Abt 1866Kentucky, USA I165344
121 Cornman, Raymond  Abt 1904Kentucky, USA I1784
122 Cornman, Robert  Abt 1888Kentucky, USA I117498
123 Cornman, Taylor  Abt 1887Kentucky, USA I180833
124 Cornman, Thomas  Abt 1884Kentucky, USA I168784
125 Cornman, Wm H  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I105515
126 Crawford, Betty  1806Kentucky, USA I167453
127 Crawford, Gideon  1786Kentucky, USA I135055
128 Crawford, Oliver  1785Kentucky, USA I130203
129 Creech, Henry Blair  Aug 1835Kentucky, USA I179409
130 Creech, James D.  Abt 1869Kentucky, USA I176944
131 Creech, John  Abt 1862Kentucky, USA I131486
132 Creech, Joseph  Abt 1878Kentucky, USA I166825
133 Creech, Mary  Abt 1865Kentucky, USA I130101
134 Creech, Nancy  Abt 1871Kentucky, USA I128923
135 Cross, Isadima (Isalima)  1817Kentucky, USA I78520
136 Davidson, Lottie B  4 Jan 1886Kentucky, USA I49435
137 Davis, Eleanor "Nelly"  1781Kentucky, USA I46223
138 Davis, Matilda  1818Kentucky, USA I23325
139 Davis, Sarah  1765Kentucky, USA I111186
140 Earthenhouse, Sara Elzina  1813Kentucky, USA I102312
141 Earthenhouse, Sarah  20 Mar 1817Kentucky, USA I130212
142 Edmunds, Mary Ann  Nov 1842Kentucky, USA I181573
143 Ervin, Susannah  1768Kentucky, USA I180803
144 Farley, Alice M  1860Kentucky, USA I153567
145 Farley, Daniel A  1825Kentucky, USA I148589
146 Farley, Ester  22 Apr 1813Kentucky, USA I107886
147 Farmer, Azzie Mary Lee  Nov 1864Kentucky, USA I5768
148 Faulkner, Benjamin  1883Kentucky, USA I175765
149 Faulkner, Carmine Alvis  Abt 1912Kentucky, USA I132694
150 Faulkner, Carmine Alvis "Carma"  25 Oct 1910Kentucky, USA I119560
151 Faulkner, E.   I152738
152 Faulkner, G.   I167241
153 Faulkner, Hazel  Abt 1918Kentucky, USA I124587
154 Faulkner, James Marion  10 Apr 1872Kentucky, USA I153388
155 Faulkner, John William  5 Aug 1875Kentucky, USA I170300
156 Faulkner, Laura Bell  25 Dec 1886Kentucky, USA I161123
157 Faulkner, Lela  12 Mar 1921Kentucky, USA I102038
158 Faulkner, Lela  12 Mar 1921Kentucky, USA I161996
159 Faulkner, Lenice  Abt 1908Kentucky, USA I154462
160 Faulkner, Lenix Arnel  12 Jul 1907Kentucky, USA I168163
161 Faulkner, Leonard I  25 Jul 1899Kentucky, USA I106847
162 Faulkner, Nancy J  Mar 1866Kentucky, USA I137334
163 Faulkner, T.   I138124
164 Faulkner, Volney Henry Robert  25 Dec 1908Kentucky, USA I174525
165 Faulkner, William Thomas  13 Oct 1912Kentucky, USA I165791
166 Faulkner, Willie  Abt 1913Kentucky, USA I179649
167 Fuller, Alexander  17 Apr 1854Kentucky, USA I1421
168 Gardenhire, Thompson P  1815Kentucky, USA I158171
169 Gardner, George Pennington  1852Kentucky, USA I4855
170 Gibson, Andrew Davis "Andy"  1814Kentucky, USA I46222
171 Gibson, Elizabeth  1829Kentucky, USA I47555
172 Gibson, Ellenor "Nelly"  Mar 1832Kentucky, USA I31830
173 Gibson, Prudence  Abt 1823Kentucky, USA I47556
174 Gillaspy, Mary "Polly"  1800Kentucky, USA I147106
175 Gillaspy, Robert S  10 Feb 1825Kentucky, USA I162451
176 Goodwin, Barbara Adeline  27 Apr 1825Kentucky, USA I4888
177 Goodwin, Joseph Graves  26 Feb 1789Kentucky, USA I154734
178 Grayson, Clayton  Abt 1908Kentucky, USA I167380
179 Grayson, Elizabeth  Abt 1905Kentucky, USA I148641
180 Grayson, Forest N  17 Mar 1902Kentucky, USA I165422
181 Grayson, John  Abt 1862Kentucky, USA I175888
182 Grayson, P.K.   I172106
183 Grider, Mary  Mar 1818Kentucky, USA I104149
184 Griffith, Anna "Annie"  27 Apr 1899Kentucky, USA I151492
185 Griffith, Mary Maggie  27 Jul 1905Kentucky, USA I139423
186 Griffith, Rhoda Ann  1786Kentucky, USA I3561
187 Griffith, Samuel T  1869Kentucky, USA I130502
188 Griffiths, Jonathan Vincent "John"  27 Jan 1844Kentucky, USA I119851
189 Griffitts, James Martin  24 Jan 1854Kentucky, USA I151736
190 Griffitts, Lorenzo Dow "Rans"  2 Dec 1871Kentucky, USA I114218
191 Griffitts, Martha L  Jul 1889Kentucky, USA I114086
192 Griffitts, Orlando Pleasant  1 Sep 1873Kentucky, USA I137675
193 Griffitts, Sallie  Abt 1896Kentucky, USA I164850
194 Griffitts, Sarah  Oct 1885Kentucky, USA I114685
195 Guess, Richard  1800Kentucky, USA I110387
196 Hall, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  May 1887Kentucky, USA I149688
197 Hancock, Edmund  25 May 1798Kentucky, USA I160974
198 Hancock, Nancy  9 Sep 1800Kentucky, USA I164102
199 Harp, Edward M.  1904Kentucky, USA I161406
200 Harp, Elizabeth "Betty"  28 Mar 1852Kentucky, USA I172345
201 Harp, John "Johnie"  1917Kentucky, USA I165696
202 Harp, Joshua R  30 Dec 1893Kentucky, USA I146913
203 Harp, Louise (Louisa)  9 May 1889Kentucky, USA I122857
204 Harp, Lucinda (Cinda) Eveline "Cindy"  25 Jan 1905Kentucky, USA I100928
205 Harp, Pacify Linzy  1871Kentucky, USA I173434
206 Harp, Sarah  Jul 1885Kentucky, USA I150124
207 Harp, Susan V  23 Jan 1891Kentucky, USA I142799
208 Harp, Talitha Mahala "Em"  27 Aug 1837Kentucky, USA I121413
209 Harp, Thomas Everett  1909Kentucky, USA I132773
210 Harp, William  Aug 1877Kentucky, USA I133848
211 Harrison, Sarah C  1860Kentucky, USA I111142
212 Hendron, Ebenezer B  Abt 1872Kentucky, USA I105968
213 Hensley, Jane  2 Nov 1809Kentucky, USA I68870
214 Hensley, Rachel  19 Jan 1812Kentucky, USA I66532
215 Hickey, Cyrenus W.  12 May 1822Kentucky, USA I101567
216 Hickey, Katharine E  1845Kentucky, USA I133120
217 Hickey, Margaret Love  7 May 1852Kentucky, USA I160282
218 Hicks, Abigail  20 May 1796Kentucky, USA I112013
219 Highley, Nancy  1820Kentucky, USA I170654
220 Highley, William Buck  1827Kentucky, USA I131163
221 Hill, Lois Lucinda  29 Sep 1815Kentucky, USA I179726
222 Hill, Mary "Polly"  1829Kentucky, USA I131834
223 Hogeland, Elizabeth  1805Kentucky, USA I124161
224 Holt, Lena  27 Apr 1865Kentucky, USA I5763
225 Hough, Mary J  7 Apr 1822Kentucky, USA I34540
226 Hysell, Molie  3 Jan 1915Kentucky, USA I157354
227 Igo, William  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I127505
228 Ingram, Thelma Louise  15 Aug 1907Kentucky, USA I15471
229 Johnson, Eleander  1807Kentucky, USA I102854
230 Johnson, Mary  1809Kentucky, USA I140406
231 Johnson, Robert  1805Kentucky, USA I101397
232 Jones, Elizabeth  1800Kentucky, USA I132307
233 Karrick, Nancy  Nov 1825Kentucky, USA I73158
234 Kennedy, Jane  1810Kentucky, USA I119069
235 King, Lona P "Lonnie"  Sep 1876Kentucky, USA I174760
236 Knapp, Priscilla  1793Kentucky, USA I119299
237 Laws, Patsy  1756Kentucky, USA I164221
238 Lawson, William  1817Kentucky, USA I179004
239 Little, James S  1832Kentucky, USA I178189
240 Little, Joseph  1815Kentucky, USA I101221
241 Little, Joseph  1838Kentucky, USA I169286
242 Little, Lavina "Vina"  21 May 1813Kentucky, USA I136905
243 Little, Priscilla  1844Kentucky, USA I181355
244 Little, Sarah  1814Kentucky, USA I140463
245 Mahan, John  1798Kentucky, USA I109901
246 Marksberry, Polley  1797Kentucky, USA I139540
247 Marksbury, John  Abt 1805Kentucky, USA I13050
248 Marksbury, Willis  1811Kentucky, USA I12790
249 Mc Carty, Mollie  Mar 1856Kentucky, USA I154974
250 McCuiston, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1840Kentucky, USA I125493

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Matches 1 to 103 of 103

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Ida  Abt 1903Kentucky, USA I1780
2 Baird, Saline  Kentucky, USA I109970
3 Baird, Saline  Kentucky, USA I161966
4 Bell, Martha A  1926Kentucky, USA I106093
5 Black, Lucinda  1845Kentucky, USA I131626
6 Black, Robert  1805Kentucky, USA I157902
7 Bloomer, Lois Cais  1802Kentucky, USA I124234
8 Boatman, William  Oct 1834Kentucky, USA I130620
9 Bowen, Elizabeth  1885Kentucky, USA I1983
10 Bowen, Rebekah  1835Kentucky, USA I145463
11 Bowman, Isabell  6 Mar 1905Kentucky, USA I117982
12 Bowman, Mahala  1827Kentucky, USA I103909
13 Bowman, Mahala  1828Kentucky, USA I160818
14 Bowman, Nancy Elizabeth  Kentucky, USA I122801
15 Bryan, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1813Kentucky, USA I182334
16 Buchanan, Charles W  14 May 1917Kentucky, USA I113377
17 Buchanan, Coon  Kentucky, USA I138067
18 Buchanan, Erastus H.  Kentucky, USA I176348
19 Buchanan, James C.  27 Dec 1945Kentucky, USA I118576
20 Buchanan, Louraney  Kentucky, USA I111798
21 Buchanan, Miles L.  Kentucky, USA I173903
22 Buchanan, Sibba C.  Kentucky, USA I181180
23 Carney, Sarah  1811Kentucky, USA I115723
24 Carter, Mary Jane  1910Kentucky, USA I135571
25 Childers, Martha Merandi  19 Oct 2010Kentucky, USA I174954
26 Corman, Abraham F  29 Dec 1844Kentucky, USA I158552
27 Cornett, Katie  Kentucky, USA I162170
28 Cornett, Rachel  1860Kentucky, USA I158796
29 Cox, James Friend  31 Mar 1788Kentucky, USA I146884
30 Cox, Joseph  31 Mar 1788Kentucky, USA I106594
31 Coy, Moses  Kentucky, USA I159413
32 Coy, Sarah "Sally"  1819Kentucky, USA I107877
33 Crawford, Martitia  1875Kentucky, USA I137756
34 Crawford, Oliver  1860Kentucky, USA I130203
35 Cross, Drury  Kentucky, USA I126873
36 Crouch, Martha Jane  16 Jun 1900Kentucky, USA I54990
37 Daugherty, Henry  1821Kentucky, USA I117524
38 Daugherty, James  24 Dec 1812Kentucky, USA I135537
39 Davis, Rezin  1848Kentucky, USA I168112
40 Davis, Thomas  1801Kentucky, USA I126562
41 Dougherty, George  1755Kentucky, USA I134868
42 Dougherty, Mary  1787Kentucky, USA I136998
43 Emmons, James  Abt 1815Kentucky, USA I160291
44 Faulkner, Benjamin  1907Kentucky, USA I175765
45 Faulkner, Nancy J  1898Kentucky, USA I137334
46 Fears, Sarah Jane  14 Sep 1910Kentucky, USA I144682
47 Gibson, Lucidia Price "Dicey"  1809Kentucky, USA I181586
48 Gibson, Owen  1871Kentucky, USA I47559
49 Gillespie, William Abner "Billie"  4 Jun 1860Kentucky, USA I156476
50 Goodwin, Julius Coleman  1850Kentucky, USA I140511
51 Gray, Lydia  Aft 1850Kentucky, USA I119707
52 Griffitts, Orlando Pleasant  25 Jul 1939Kentucky, USA I137675
53 Hancock, Samuel  16 Apr 1806Kentucky, USA I137360
54 Harp, Mary "Polly"  Abt. 1890Kentucky, USA I103687
55 Harrison, Eleanor  Kentucky, USA I102302
56 Hensley, David  1883Kentucky, USA I107920
57 Hensley, Pearl Harvey  1988Kentucky, USA I172756
58 Highley, Alfred  28 Jan 1897Kentucky, USA I54989
59 Highley, Lucy Jane  Kentucky, USA I124714
60 Igo, William  Kentucky, USA I127505
61 Kitchen, Susannah  Oct 1832Kentucky, USA I116937
62 Lawson, Connie  1915Kentucky, USA I122873
63 Lawson, John Wesley  6 Apr 1924Kentucky, USA I154355
64 Little, Priscilla  Kentucky, USA I181355
65 Marksbury, Nancy  1812Kentucky, USA I13345
66 Marksbury, Rachel  1849Kentucky, USA I13079
67 McCUISTON, Nancy J  17 Sep 1905Kentucky, USA I149598
68 Metcalf, Jimmy James  Kentucky, USA I159196
69 Metcalf, Mary Polly  Kentucky, USA I166229
70 Moore, Elizabeth  Kentucky, USA I152235
71 Moore, Nancy  1 Dec 1876Kentucky, USA I122123
72 Morgan, Elizabeth  1827Kentucky, USA I107205
73 Morgan, Elizabeth  1827Kentucky, USA I153921
74 Osney, Margeret  1810Kentucky, USA I114975
75 Owen, Fielding  Aft 1870Kentucky, USA I169680
76 Owen, Hezekiah  Aft 1840Kentucky, USA I146368
77 Owen, Rebecca  Aft 1850Kentucky, USA I118885
78 Parsons, Susannah  Kentucky, USA I102122
79 Prindle, William  Kentucky, USA I173000
80 Ritter, Mary Ann  25 Jul 1835Kentucky, USA I111585
81 Robertson, Polly  UnknownKentucky, USA I106763
82 Robinson, Eleanore "Ellen"  22 Sep 1879Kentucky, USA I114032
83 Rogers, Charles  1704Kentucky, USA I83758
84 Rountree, John J  19 Nov 1864Kentucky, USA I139196
85 Simpson, Emily A  1867Kentucky, USA I46451
86 Simpson, Sarah A  Bef 1867Kentucky, USA I42558
87 Smith, Jonathan P , Colonal  26 Oct 1863Kentucky, USA I135389
88 Sorrell, Oliver P  1860Kentucky, USA I172294
89 Sparks, Robert  1909Kentucky, USA I136163
90 St. John, William G.  1868Kentucky, USA I109485
91 Staton, Ann Nancy  1864Kentucky, USA I152026
92 Stephens, Thomas John  Kentucky, USA I166440
93 Stith, Thomas Hawfield  1870Kentucky, USA I160035
94 Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth  21 Nov 1813Kentucky, USA I145512
95 Sullivan, Polly Ann  1817Kentucky, USA I176837
96 Thomas, Susannah  Aft Feb 1821Kentucky, USA I140426
97 Tuttle, James  Kentucky, USA I108571
98 Tyler, Sarah  1850Kentucky, USA I111549
99 Wamsley, Thomas  28 Dec 1806Kentucky, USA I58421
100 White, Daniel  1782Kentucky, USA I104855
101 Wilson, Bertha E  22 Jun 1967Kentucky, USA I138978
102 Wilson, Julia  2 Aug 1855Kentucky, USA I155200
103 Winfrey, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1844Kentucky, USA I133506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Farley, James Oatman Bernard "O. B."  Kentucky, USA I1279


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Corman, Abram H  Abt 1815Kentucky, USA I118017
2 Corman, Beulah Mae  Abt 1900Kentucky, USA I1766
3 Corman, Gratton  Abt 1840Kentucky, USA I5953
4 Corman, Gratton  Abt 1842Kentucky, USA I5953
5 Corman, Gratton  Abt 1843Kentucky, USA I5953
6 Corman, Manuel  Abt 1880Kentucky, USA I1783
7 Earthenhouse, Sarah  Abt 1820Kentucky, USA I130212
8 Faulkner, John William  5 Aug 1875Kentucky, USA I170300
9 Faulkner, Thomas Lee "Tom"  Abt 1888Kentucky, USA I104140
10 Gibson, Alexander  1819/1823Kentucky, USA I47560
11 King, Lona P "Lonnie"  Abt 1875Kentucky, USA I174760
12 Knapp, William B  1796Kentucky, USA I44011
13 Knapp, William B  1796Kentucky, USA I44011
14 Roe, Dora Ethel  Oct 1894Kentucky, USA I166971
15 Roe, Lula Gretchen (Lulu)  23 Aug 1888Kentucky, USA I100900
16 Roe, Rhoda Inez  1899Kentucky, USA I141771
17 Roe, Sarah Jane  14 Sep 1885Kentucky, USA I168743
18 Simpson, Mary Jane "Polly"  1820Kentucky, USA I24527
19 Simpson, Nancy Jane  1826Kentucky, USA I22313
20 Sorrell, Cordelia  1838Kentucky, USA I106714
21 Sorrell, Francis  1842Kentucky, USA I179238
22 Sparks, Katherine  Abt 1847Kentucky, USA I5954
23 Staton, Mary Ann  1836Kentucky, USA I70702
24 Staton, Melvin Lafayette  13 Jan 1849Kentucky, USA I120202
25 Thomas, Matilda "Tilda" (Teal)  1836Kentucky, USA I63518
26 Thomas, Matilda "Tilda" (Teal)  Abt 1837Kentucky, USA I63518


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Lucidia Price "Dicey"  1808Kentucky, USA I181586
2 Hensley, Lucinda Leak "Lucy"  6 Oct 1876Kentucky, USA I145703
3 Sexton, Mary Ann  1823Kentucky, USA I117658
4 Shinn, Edward  Kentucky, USA I36179
5 Sorrell, Henry W.  13 Feb 1938Kentucky, USA I142550


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Buchanan, Albert Vinson  Kentucky, USA I1298
2 Copher, Jacob (Cofer)  Kentucky, USA I43144
3 Franks, Catherine  1800/1900Kentucky, USA I10884
4 Gibson, Martin  1813/1903Kentucky, USA I46224
5 Goodwin, Lloyd King  1866Kentucky, USA I141754
6 Hensley, Samuel Grandison  1813/1903Kentucky, USA I36476
7 Marksbury, John  Kentucky, USA I10885
8 Marksbury III, Samuel  Kentucky, USA I10721
9 Marksbury III, Samuel  1769/1831Kentucky, USA I10721
10 Marksbury III, Samuel  1800/1900Kentucky, USA I10721
11 Marksbury III, Samuel  1800/1900Kentucky, USA I10721
12 Marksbury III, Samuel  1800/1900Kentucky, USA I10721
13 Marksbury III, Samuel  1800/1900Kentucky, USA I10721
14 McCarty, Thomas Augustine  Kentucky, USA I81283
15 Rowlett, Vincento De Vivaldie  1 Jul 1863Kentucky, USA I1304
16 Simpson, Samuel  1750/1874Kentucky, USA I12753
17 Simpson, Samuel  1450/1887Kentucky, USA I12753
18 Taylor, Malinda  1920Kentucky, USA I136212
19 Wacks, Harold Lee  Kentucky, USA I174394


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brandon / Kennedy  1812Kentucky, USA F40777
2 Buchanan / Little  1864Kentucky, USA F33246
3 Carr / Ervin  1775Kentucky, USA F34160
4 Collins / Wilson  Kentucky, USA F38507
5 Drye / Buchanan  5 May 1920Kentucky, USA F651
6 Essman / Wolf  1784Kentucky, USA F38195
7 Faulkner / Buchanan  1885Kentucky, USA F36699
8 Faulkner / Roe  23 Jun 1906Kentucky, USA F34360
9 Harp / Powers  1903Kentucky, USA F34076
10 Jones / Hicks  1822Kentucky, USA F35715
11 Mann / Hensley  19 Apr 1838Kentucky, USA F15242
12 McClain / Smith  1820Kentucky, USA F43365
13 Miller / Parker  Kentucky, USA F2464
14 Miller / Parker  Kentucky, USA F2481
15 Ruggles / Voires  Abt 1784Kentucky, USA F29693
16 Stith / Hensley  12 Jun 1817Kentucky, USA F37058


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