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Genspaces Genealogy ~ Keeping History Alive

Welcome to the Genspaces Resource Page!

Where History Starts

Welcome to Genspaces. Genspaces started out by accident. As a teenager my Aunt was mormon so I was going to the mormon church. I got bored and went into the Family History Library with my brother James Shinn. He showed me how to run their computers, how to use their systems and how to read microfilm. He had already started working on our Shinn line. This was around 1983.

In 1986 I had my daughter and that continued to spike my interest in Family HIstory, and I started working on my daughters genealogy. In 1988 my cousin Marvin Marsh passed away and his work on my mothers line (Marsh) was handed down to me. Seeing my love for Genealogy, a year after that I was given my brothers Shinn work as well. I was hooked and got my Certification thru LDS in 1989.

In 1990 I was using various genealogy sites and decided to create a non profit lineage society and formed NSCFA National Society of Colonial Families in America. This Genealogical Society ran for 5 years and near the end I met my Genealogy "Partner in Crime" and future best Friend Eunice Aldrich Robison.

In 1995, I opened the Genealogy Website and Family Tree, called Myrootsplace, lovingly known as MRP to many. We had forums, groups, a newsletter, chat, an educational podcast, archives, and a wonderful community in which we had reunions and met many good cousin friends. Together, myself and Eunice along with many cousins grew our Family Tree to over 150,000 people.

The Shinns of the group adopted Eunice as one of their own and from about 1996 on Eunice worked with MRP as co-founder, genealogist, moderator and archivist. Eunice specializes in Family Heritage, Native American & Colonial Research. She started doing Genealogy around 1993 and is an dedicated, determined and detailed researcher with almost 30 years experience.

In 2018 Eunice was dealing with the illness of her beloved life partner David Avery. I had opened a Store and Restaurant. Between us both being grandmothers with busy lives, we chose to take MRP offline and upload our gedcom to Ancestry to source it. We have worked on sourcing it ever since. We have also both solved DNA Adoption cases and have become experienced in using DNA with Family Research.

This website, Genspaces is the culmination of all of our lifes work, and the work of those relatives who helped us. Please look around, join us, and enjoy our new venture, Genspaces. If you'd like to showcase your family or hire us please send us an email or find us on Facebook! Enjoy


Teresa @ APG


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We strive to document all of our sources in this family tree. If you have something to add, please let us know.